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Alasdair Foster - Australia
Alasdair Foster is a writer, award-winning curator and editor of Talking Pictures: interviews with photographers from around the world ( ).
He has twenty years of experience running National Art Institutions in Europe and Australia, and over thirty-five years working in the public cultural sector. He is former chairman of the Australian Contemporary Art Organization and editor of Photofile Magazine. He was, until recently, professor at Queensland University and associate professor at the RMIT University School of Art, Melbourne.

Alejandro Almaraz - Argentina
Regarding cultural management and curatorial activity, he has worked as a producer of the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz from 2014 to 2018.
He is the director of the Alicia d'Amico Photogallery- EAF- Escuela Argentina de Fotografia

Alfredo de Stefano - Mexico
He is one of the most important contemporary authors in Mexico and the founding director of the NGO Luz del Norte-Fotografía. He promotes Latin American photography through various platforms such as contests, festivals, photobooks and scholarships.

Angela Ferreira - Portugal-Brazil
Curator, educator and researcher, she is specialized in manipulated photography, visual communication and contemporary visual practices. She is the founder of Encontros da Imagem (Braga, Portugal) and a consultant for projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She is member of the curatorial team of the museum of photography in Fortaleza, Brazil. She collaborates with various specialized publications.

Christopher Rauschenberg - United States of America
He is the founder of Photolucida, Portland, and a member of the board of directors of the Blue Sky Gallery, where he had organized more than 900 shows. Founder and member of Co-op Nine Gallery. President of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Christopher Tannert - Germany
Director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, where he holds exhibitions, residencies and edits photography books. Member of the editorial board of European photography

Chun Wai - Hong Kong
Independent curator, artist, lecturer and course director of the Contemporary Photography Space at the Hong Kong university. Member of the Academic Committee at the Guangzhou Triennale, curator of the Beijing Photo Biennial and nominator of the Israel Shipman Prize. He participates in the curation of several projects in China: Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Taipei International Photo Festival, Arles International Photo Festival, Dali Photo Festival, Lishui Photo Festival and Ningbo International Photo Week held at the Ningbo Art Center, as well as the Hong Kong International Photo Festival. He has curated important exhibitions of Asian artists at the Festival de la Luz in Argentina and has invited Argentine artists to exhibit in China.

Daniel Conti - Argentina
Curator of the MAC-Museum of Contemporary Art, Salta

Enrico Stefanelli - Italy
Founder and artistic director of Photolux Festival. Member of international juries, nominating committee for the World Press Photo Program “6 x 6”, for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award and for the Prix Pictet.

Fabián Gonçalves Borrega – United States of America
Director of exhibitions at the MAM-Art Museum of the Americas, OAS, Washington.

Frank Rodick - Canada
Artist. He is a professional who has specialized in the psychology of creativity. Frank can offer feedback on issues related to the creative process, as well as career development and projects.

Indiana Gnochini - Argentina
Director of the MUMBAT- Fine Art Museum, Tandil. Curator. Artistic director of the Artemio Gallery.

Jaehyun Seok - Korea
Independent curator, director of Lumos Art Space, Daegu, Korea.

Jens Friis - Denmark
Independent curator, consultant, historian and editor specializing in photography. Until 2016 he was the curator in charge of the photographic collection at the Museet of Fotokunst in Odense, Denmark and artistic director of the Fototriennale. He is currently the editor of Katalog and advisor to various photography festivals around the world, such as Photo Lucida, Portland; Voies Off in Arles, Kolga Tbilisi in Georgia and for the Spanish magazine Exit.

Joaquim Paiva - Brazil
Photographer, collector of contemporary photography